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Agility & Obedience


I have been competing in obedience & agility since 1992 and instructing since 1995 and have successfully competed in obedience and agility locally, state-wide and nationally.  I am a former agility judge and have represented Qld in agility on several occasions.

When training, I use positive reinforcement methods and teach you how to teach your dog so you can go away with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to further educate your dog whenever you need to.  Remember, training a dog is a continual process for the life of your dog so getting a good foundation will prepare you to be a good leader for your dog, any time, any place.


Agility is a fun 'sport' that promotes good relationships between humans and dogs, through team work.

Training for agility, whether you intend to compete or not, is a great way to keep you AND your dog fit, develop and maintain a great relationship and keep your dog mentally engaged with you.

From beginners through to advanced students, I will help you achieve your goals.  Handling skills, course analysis and a system of handling that can be applied to any dog you choose to do agility with.

For obvious reasons, unless you have equipment of your own, Agility lessons are held at my place.  Classes are limited so bookings are essential.

I am also available for weekend clinics by appointment.  I can arrange to come to your club for a weekend of agility from beginners to advanced.  My clinics include course analysis, handling skills and equipment training from beginners through to advanced.


Most dog breeds appreciate the discipline of obedience and, while some are better than others, there is no reason why a dog can't (and they all should) do some obedience to be a mentally balanced canine citizen.  A dog that has some basic obedience training is much more enjoyable to have around and, because they have some control, they can be taken out with you and enjoy more of your lives together rather than just sitting in a backyard.  Sometimes, a dog left to its own devices in a backyard can become 'naughty' and usually this means destructive behaviour like digging holes, taking washing off the line, etc.  Dogs are just trying to entertain themselves the best way they can.  With obedience training, and some forward planning, we can reduce these behaviours considerably.  Remember, the dogs spirit level usually amplifies a behaviour - good and bad.

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