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Float Load with Confidence

for both you and your horse

  • Are you frustrated with the time spent loading your horse for a show/event?

  • Do you dread brining your horse to the float/trailer?

  • More importantly, does your horse see you get the float/trailer and run away?

Probably the single most frustrating problem for most horse owners is float loading, according to the amount of enquiries I receive about float loading.

To most horses the float is a 'trap' with no escape but, as humans, we get very 'direct line' about getting our horses to load that we will do almost anything to achieve our goal.

Float loading naturally, begins assessing the horse and then playing according to that horses particular needs.  Once their trust is gained, through creating a communication that the horse understands, most horses will offer to load.

Timeframe?  This is something I get asked a lot.  The time it takes to load a horse is a very individual thing and depends on the horse.  All horses are different and have different needs so while some horses will load within 30-45 minutes, others may need several sessions of 1-2 hours.  I like to let the horse decide how long it will take.  The more I can keep their confidence, the better they will be.


  • How to 'read' your horse

  • How to communicate with your horse using Natural Body Language that your horse/s understands

  • What your horse needs to help him/her get more confident both as a learner & in you as his/her leader

  • Feel & Timing

  • To ride with confidence


  • Your relationship with your horse

  • Your confidence and your SAFETY

  • A Language for COMMUNICATION and develop mutual RESPECT

  • Your horses' confidence to develop and CALMER, MORE CONFIDENT horse

  • Your horses sensitivity

  • Yours horses 'draw'



Live-In Retraining Ground Manners

Float Loading


Natural Equine Training Solutions


Imagine creating a bond with your horse that is stronger than any rope; a bond where your horse wants to be with you and runs to greet you at the gate.. Imagine being able to Live Your Dream


Learn a language to help create a bond with your horse based on mutual trust, communication and understanding.


Advance your Foundation skills for every day situations.  Build your trust, confidence, understanding and learn how to 'read' your horse so you can be the leader he needs you to be..



Learn to use your Foundation skills to ride naturally so your horse is light, responsive and a willing partner.


Using the language learnt in Focus on Foundation, learn to ask your horse to willingly, confidently and calmly load onto a float.


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