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Jim & Patrick (Kelpie) on 's Canine Multi-Vitamin Mix:

Even though Patrick was already being fed a natural diet, I was worried he wasn't getting all the right vitamins so, on the advice of a friend, I started adding 's Canine Multi-Vitamin Mix to his food.  Within a week, I noticed the 'puppy sparkle' was back in his eyes, he had more energy and simply looked more healthy.

Patrick is a blue kelpie affected with CDA (Colour Dilution Alopecia) to the point where he has very little hair year round and has itchy skin.  After just two weeks the scratching lessened.* 


I can thoroughly recommend 's Canine Multi-Vitamin Mix for anyone concerned with the vitamin intake of their dog.

Donna & Spirit (GSD) on 's Canine Multi-Vitamin Mix:

"Spirit used to have terrible skin problems including itchiness between her toes causing her to 'gnaw' at her feet regularly.  Using your Canine Multi-Vitamin Mix, she now has no signs of the skin problems she has suffered for many years. Thank you for such a wonderful product."*

*Keldapark does not promote the Canine Multi-Vitamin Mix as anything other than a dietary supplement.  However, I am thrilled at the possibility of such wonderful things happening because of its use.


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