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Luack Son OfIndi ET  dec'd)

Glendalock Fair Dinkum CD ADX JDX HIT (dec'd)


Keldapark Panache [available for stud in Gladstone]


Keldapark Panache


ANKC registered

Colour:  Black

Click on Image for Pedigree

Date of Birth: 4th November, 2004

7 weeks 18 months 18 months

Luack Son OfIndi ET deceased)


ANKC & WKC registered

Colour:  Black & Tan

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 I lost 'TED' on 20 July 2010.

He will live forever in my memories and will always hold a very special place in my heart.



5 months


12 months

Date of Birth: 4th November, 2004

Height: 525mm


'TED' has had some nice comments about his style and speed.  He entered the agility ring in May 2006 and got his first qualifying pass on that weekend.  Ted will be returning to the SEQ trial ring in 2010 after a 3 year break.


'TED' has only been shown very lightly and has several Challenge wins already under his belt.


This is what 'TED' was born to do so I am hoping he does well here.

12 months 14 months 14 months

Glendalock Fair Dinkum (deceased)


Colour:  Dark Red


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Sadly I lost 'MAX' on 4th November 2005.

He will live forever in my memories.



Sire: Glendalock Fox Whisky
Dam: Glendalock Queens Lady

Date of Birth: 15th June, 1991

Height: 528mm



At the grand old age of 12 years, 'MAX' was still competing in Masters Jumping and retired with four legs toward his JDM title.  Max was the oldest dog still competing in SEQ, and perhaps Australia.  Although his mind was willing, his body finally told me enough was enough and after 11 years of trialling, Max retired from competition, just 4 months shy of his 13th birthday.


'MAX' loved obedience and while his antics in the obedience ring gained him just one CDX pass, he always kept the judges on their toes and the spectators amused. 


'MAX' made is show debut at the Kelpie Club of NSW specialty show in April 2003 in Veteran Class, just two months before his 12th birthday.


Just after 'MAX' turned 10, he turned to the relatively new ANKC sport of sheep herding and gained his Herding Instinct Title in 2003.  Unfortunately, Max's eyesight and hearing did not allow to him to compete further, although he often helped in the back pens.  A job he took very seriously.


'MAX'  appeared in the 1999 TV Series of Beastmaster: The Legend Continues and made appearances in Women's Weekly Magazine, Totally Wild and did a shoot for Pet Food Labels (see Animal Actors for more).

1998 State Team Selections 13 years 10 years - sheep herding 14 years

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